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Taco Bell Creates Marketing Waves As They Unveil Their Mobile App

What has Taco Bell done this time? Taco Bell is personally one of my favorite companies, not only when it comes to food but also to their social media tactics. They have found their niche in marketing and have been executing with nearly everything they do. They plan strategically and know what is going to…

Twitter & SoundCloud Integration

Check out the new plans Twitter and SoundCloud have integrated in order for users to share music on their timeline for Android and iOS users. This feature is currently limited however it will soon be available to everyone. This is only one of Twitters major recent moves. via Soundcloud

Future of Mobile Apps in Healthcare

Technological advances not only provide us with entertainment but also ease in life. We have smart phone apps for all purposes these days. With the current technological advances, apps now play a large roll in healthcare as well. Apps in healthcare have contributed to communication between patients and healthcare providers. Several mobile apps have been…