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The Best Free Fitness Apps

What do you think is the most popular new years resolution year after year? The Droitap team has decided to gift you all a tad bit late, but we wanted to share with you some of the best free fitness apps that we have used on the app markets. Most of these apps are available on android and iOS marketplaces.

1. Nike+Running

One of the most popular running apps. It tracks your distance, pace, time, and let’s you compete with your friends.


2. 7 Minute Workout (Free):

Don’t have time in your day? This app helps you through 12 guided exercises that are 30 seconds each. Perfect for travelers or people who want a quick workout.
3. Coach.me (Free):

Coach.me (formerly known as Lift) is the app to use if you want motivation and/or advice. Add the goal you want to achieve and you can chat with others who share the same goal. You can sign up with with one of their coaches (fee required) for guided help.


4. Calm (Free): Although Calm is less a fitness app than the rest on this list, but it makes for a great compliment to your fitness routine. I use this to meditate in the morning and you can adjust the timer anywhere from 2-30 minutes. Perfect way to start your day or if you want to decompress from a busy day. You can use this pretty much anywhere you want as along as you can find a place you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.


5. iPhone Health App (Free):

The app is included with every device with iOS 8 and is a central hub for all your health and fitness data. It pulls in data from your fitness tracker and supported apps into one single app. Also, if you have the iPhone 5S or newer, it’s already tracking your steps with the built in M7 motion coprocessor.

1-3-copyFor more information on some great apps that you can download to complete your new years resolution check out the rest of the list on the Paste Magazine web site.