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Google Play Releases Top Mobile Download Chart


As 2014 is coming to an end we already know how many “top lists” we will be seeing all over the internet. We have been introduced to some great things and bad things in mobile this year. Google Play has recently released an infographic that displays the most downloaded apps, games, movies/TV, music, books, and newstand feeds.

The results aren’t too surprising because we all have an idea of the most talked about phone trends. When it comes to categories Pandora took the cake home, Netlfix was top for entertainment, MyFitnessPal was the most downloaded app for Fitness, surprisingly Flipagram was the most downloaded photo app, and Facebook of course was the highest downloaded social media app. Candy Crush appears to be the most downloaded game; who wouldn’t be addicted to a remake of the classic Bejeweled? Frozen, The Walking Dead, and Toy Story all came out at the top of the list for the movie and shows section because we know how timeless all of these pieces are. Anyways, check out the rest of the infographic if you want to see the top downloaded apps on Google Play, you might hate them or you might love them…


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