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VSCOcam and Afterlight: The best apps for editing pictures

Finding a photo-editing app that you like might take a little longer than expected. This is why I’m letting you guys in on a little secret to prevent you from having a million photography apps on your phone. If you don’t have VSCOcam and Afterlight on your phone, stop everything you’re doing and download them now. These apps serve a similar purpose however they both have their own unique features and finish. You should use them according to the photo you are editing and style you are pursuing. By the way, both of these mobile apps are available on the Android, iPhone, and Windows 8 marketplace.


When I first started using Afterlight, I fell in love with the app. From using the camera on it, to the filters it comes with, and the border features it has, I was sold. It was probably the best $0.99 I’ve ever spent. Afterlight supplies you with 59 filters, 66 natural textures, and 128 unique frames. Overall this app has a filter or feature for every picture.

With a large amount of filters, effects, and editing tools we can definitely say that this is one of my favorite apps on the market. It is fairly simple to use and easy to import the photos if you decide to use the standard phone camera. Another perk about this app is that the developers continuously update the software for iOS and Android users, adding additional filters and editing techniques. There is also currently a purchase option of $0.99 for video filters. I haven’t had time to buy them yet but I will definitely have to check those out. Here is a youtube tutorial I came across for some awesome tips and tricks.


Now let’s take a look at the VSCOcam, also known as the Visual Supply Company. One of my favorite features of the VSCOcam is the “focus” and “exposure” feature’s that you can adjust when you slide your fingers in opposite directions. This pretty much allows you to take those really cool pictures with blurry lights and moving objects. Another cool flexible feature is that you can connect and edit the photos in your workflow across iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. VSCO is practically has a social media platform in itself as well. It’s pretty confusing at first to understand but you can check out some really cool pictures on there. Easily upload photos to your VSCO Cam Library to share a cohesive body of work on the Grid or Journal you have created.

Let’s move on to the best part…this app is free! There are tons of extra filters you can add for a small fee as well. When you are navigating through the filters there are random lettered names for the filters without any explanation. As you click on the filter a preview appears and you can adjust it according to how strong you want the filter to be. The app may be a little intimidating when you first try it out but it’s easy to adapt to.

To sum it all up…You pretty much need both of these apps…

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